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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Alor Setar Clock Tower #DicoverKedah2016

This tower is located at Jalan Putera. It was built in 1912 and is now 102 years old. At certain times, this clock will chime. In terms of its architecture, there are two elements that are being portrayed here, that are the Islamic and Hindu aspects.

The Islamic elements can be seen around the dome section with the crescent, a symbol that is usually seen on the roof of mosques. The carvings surrounding this tower are also Islamic design.

However, if we observe the lower section of that tower, the carvings represent Hindu elements, especially at its entrance. Obviously, the design of this tower does not have foreign influence. It is a blend influence of the Islam religion and past Hinduism.

The construction of this Big Clock has connection with the Zahir Mosque in its role and function. It provides facility to the public especially to the muezzin who works in the Zahir Mosque to confirm the prayer times before the azan (the call to prayer) is made.

In the past, this tower will chime at every prayer time, followed by the beating of the nobat at the Balai Nobat, and accordingly the call to prayer is made from the Zahir Mosque.

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